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Thursday, February 16, 2006

WORST Casting Ever!

Paris at Julien McDonald's Party
Paris launching her perfume
Is this a joke? This must be so director T. Rajeevnath can get some publicity. He is making a movie about Mother Teresa and has actually asked Paris Hilton to play the part. I actually had to read the quote twice to make sure I didn't miss the word porn. When I think of the "most widely respected and loved person" - I think Paris Hilton.
Socialite Paris Hilton has reportedly been asked to play celebrated humanitarian Mother Teresa in a movie biopic. Indian director T. Rajeevnath has contacted the hotel heiress about taking the lead role in his new film, which will chronicle the late nun's life. He tells, "My agents in California have contacted Paris Hilton. Although there are several actresses willing to play the role of Mother Teresa, the most widely respected and loved person, the history of the actress who is finally chosen for the role would have to be analyzed thoroughly before she is chosen." (WENN)
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