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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Tom Cruise Told Me To Write This

Don't you hate couples like this!! Tom Cruise is used to getting his way. He is a high powered Hollywood player who demands and receives. Katie Holmes is a weak woman who is more than happy to fall into the 'Yes Dear' role. I read a few days ago that Tom told Katie she has to stay home from now on. She can't work anymore and he doesn't really want her to leave the house until the baby is like 12. I thought it was a joke so I didn't post it. But now I read that he went out to a club/concert without her - and it makes me wonder...

Couch- hopper Tom Cruise was spotted raising the roof without preggers fiancée Katie Holmes at Kanye West's show at Avalon in L.A. the other night. An amused spywitness dishes: "First, he raised his hands in approval when Kanye sang about the need for a prenup - good thing Katie wasn't there." Cruise yelled out, "Wow!" and "un[bleep]ing believable. Then he climbed onto a balcony using ropes to pull himself up to escape crowds . . . Kanye, oddly enough, rewarded his weirdo performance by giving him a shout-out from the stage." (Page Six)

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