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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Sunday Sampler

Brooke Burke at a Hooters grand opening. This is funny that I came across this picture. I went to a cousin's birthday party yesterday and my cousin said that her cousin (how many times can I say cousin in a sentence?) reads my blog and saw that I worked at Hooters. I didn't realize that people in my circle check the site. So now I know to not talk about my prostitution days or serious drug addictions.
I think Eminem got botox on his face and his ass. Why is his face so full or puffy??
Maxim threw a pre Super Bowl go cart party and Jessica Alba dresses up for the event. Did you hear did a poll and she was the person that most men (who spend all their time taking polls on the Internet) wanted to date in a long term relationship.
Kimora Lee at her Baby Phat Show during Fashion Week. Is she a man because I am scared of her?
Christina Aguilera and Jordan going shopping. Again - she looks great.
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