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Monday, February 13, 2006

Rachael Ray Got Tony Danza Fired

Page Six broke the news that Rachael Ray will take over Tony Danza's time slot. I think Tony knew he was getting fired already because I caught a show where he told a psychic that he won't be the host for much longer. BUT I did not know that Rachael Ray was going to take the slot. This is exciting. I like her cooking - hate her smiling - but like what she can do in a half hour.
HEY, Tony Danza - here's a secret your Buena Vista bosses are too chicken to tell you: You've been canceled. Danza's time slot has already been given to Rachael Ray's upcoming show, we're told. According to the buzz at rival talk show "Live! With Regis & Kelly," Buena Vista execs Gwynne Thomas and Roni Selig have decided to cancel Danza. "[Thomas and Selig] came to New York recently and were supposed to tell Tony, but chickened out," said one insider. "They are afraid Tony will be so upset that he won't be able to go on with the live shows every morning." The Buena Vista suits will wait until a two-week hiatus in March. "Tony will get on a plane and fly home to L.A., and the execs will shut down the show," we're told. (Page Six)
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