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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Move Over Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway started a new trend. She is rounding up all the Disney Queens and making them shed their innocent ways. Who is next you ask? Miss Hilary Duff! If you ask me it has something to do with her boyfriend - Joel Madden. He probably wants her to stop being so child like so his friends will stop beating him up.
A report in the American tabloid 'Star Magazine reports that Hil is in negotiations with former Hollywood Madame Heidi Fleiss, 40, to star in the Fleiss-produced film Beverly Hills Tutor. "Hilary wants to shed that good-girl image a little to show people that she is not a little girl anymore," says a friend. (National Ledger)
On another note - Hilary has influenced her rocker boyfriend to stop drinking.
Pop princess Hilary Duff is thrilled her rock star boyfriend Joel Madden has given up drinking, as she no longer fears he'll cheat on her. The teen singer/actress admits her lover was once tempted by female fans, but she is confident his new sober lifestyle has put an end to his wild behaviour. She says, "Joel's so loyal. His dad left his family, and it has made him become the complete opposite. "Plus, he doesn't drink anymore. I think there was (a groupie problem) when he was drinking. "Now he's clean, so I don't worry about (his cheating)." (Hilary Fan Club)
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