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Monday, February 13, 2006

Mena Suvari Is Dating Again

I didn't even know that she divorced her old husband last year! Where have I been? Mena Suvari is a very pretty, unique looking actress. Robert Brinkmann was not her match. But I can't bet that a break dancer is her match either. She is so young so she should have as much fun as she can.
Actress Mena Suvari has found love with a breakdancer, following her split from cinematographer husband Robert Brinkmann in May. The American Beauty star, 26, and Mike 'Murda' Carrasco, 23, have been dating for "almost six months" after meeting at a breakdancing event. Suvari tells People magazine, "(We met) at an event, at Battle of the Year. He didn't know anything about me. Nothing. He didn't know who I was or anything." Carrasco, who performs with Las Vegas, Nevada-based troupe Knucklehead Zoo, explains the event is "like the World Cup of breakdancing, and the USA qualifications were in Los Angeles, and we won that." (WENN)
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