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Monday, February 06, 2006

Kate Moss Tried

Kate Moss made an effort to prevent video footage of her snorting cocaine from entering her court case... and failed. The tapes will show and Kate will get sentenced community service for a week and get a little spanking on her hand. The quote below is long winded and basically says what I just wrote. Don't hurt yourself by reading it.
Kate Moss failed in her courtroom bid to prevent footage of her snorting cocaine last year being used in her upcoming libel case. British TV network Five broadcast claims the supermodel took so much cocaine at a 2001 charity fashion show in Barcelona, Spain, she fell unconscious. The show The Truth About Kate Moss which was broadcast on January 27, 2005. Five's legal counsel Matthew Nicklin told the court, "The present application arises because the claimant (Moss) wishes to prevent the defendant, as part of its defense of any defamatory sting conveyed by the program, from proving the full truth of her cocaine abuse." Moss' lawyer David Sherborne told the court that the allegation that she had taken a "vast" quantity of cocaine and had to be revived from a coma was "wholly untrue and seriously defamatory." The case is expected to go to trial in the autumn. (WENN)
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