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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Am So Upset About This!

A few weeks ago I reported that Lost was giving Michelle Rodriguez the boot. I was so happy because I hate her character and the way the story line was going I thought that she would get killed by the Others. Well it seems that this was just a rumor.
Lost creator JJ Abrams insists Michelle Rodriguez will not be dropped from the hit US TV show despite facing serious drunk driving charges. The Resident Evil actress was caught speeding in Hawaii, where Lost is filmed, three times last year, and was charged with DUI offenses after an incident on November 30. But Abrams is keen to stand by the actress, who plays Ana Lucia in the show's second season. He tells the New York Post, "While we don't want to report on the fate of any of the characters on the show I would say without question, that any reports that anything that's going on with any of the actors as being problematic or resulting in changing the storyline to sort of, you know, get rid of them, is just erroneous and silliness. There's a lot of stuff that has happened that's extracurricular, and it's in the news. It becomes fodder for speculation." (WENN)
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