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Friday, February 03, 2006

From Justin To Britney - Leave His Ass

Justin Timberlake is reaching out to Britney Spears telling her to leave Kevin Federline if she is really unhappy with him. He isn't saying that he will take her back (cause he already tapped that ass if you know what I mean). Besides, what will happen to fug Cameron Diaz if he leaves her?
"Justin asked point-blank, 'Are you happy?'" a source close to both singers tells Star. "Britney paused for a few seconds, sighed and said, 'Sometimes.... You know how it is.'" "Actually, no, I don't know!" responded Justin, who has been luckier in love with Cameron Diaz, 33, than his old flame has been. Alarmed by reports that stress over her 27-year-old husband Kevin Federline's reported cheating has begun to make her physically sick and that Britney has been stuffing herself with junk food — her weight has skyrocketed to 140 pounds in recent weeks — "Justin told her that her marriage should be nourishing her, not sucking the life out of her." Finally, the source says, "Justin told Brit that if she's not happy in her marriage, she needs to get out — for herself and for the baby!" (Britney and Kevin's rep says they "are great.") (Star Magazine)
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