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Friday, February 03, 2006

Freaking Friday!!

DONT CALL IT A COME BACK - IVE BEEN HERE FOR YEARS... well not really. Actually this IS a come back. The Spice Girls are returning!! WHOOPIE Click here to see Ashton Kutcher on the toliet showing off his private parts. I don't want to post it in case you are at work. HOLY AIRBRUSHED BATMAN! We all know what kind of thighs you usually have sweetie! Wouldn't it be nice if everyone could get a shot of them fixed up to get rid of those extra pounds just like Mariah Carey?
Is it wrong that I am just not that into Brad Pitt anymore? I hate the dark hair. I hate the scary clothes he is wearing lately. I have to find a new person to sweat because Brad just looks old and wasted to me lately. Anyway, here he is leaving his Berlin Hotel.
Hosts Vivica A. Fox and Tyrese introduce the 20th Annual Soul Train Music Awards Nominations at Spago Restaurant. Los Angeles
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