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Monday, February 06, 2006

Courtney Cox To Return To TV With Hubby

This is another case of the Seinfeld syndrome if I ever saw one. You are huge on a sitcom. The show ends. You want to do more work...but can't be seen as anything than who you were. But you try anyway - and fail - miserably!! The cast of Friends seems to be crack whoring their way back to television too. Are they destined to fail? Yes! Especially when you bring your husband on board with you.
Is another "Friend" returning to primetime television? Maybe. A source tells me COURTENEY COX may actually star in "Dirt," the sitcom she is producing for FX with her hubby, DAVID ARQUETTE. The couple announced in early December that they would executive produce the series, about a tabloid editor and photographer, along with writer MATTHEW CARNAHAN. If it's so, this would be the second "Friend"-ster to sign on to a new series for next season. MATTHEW PERRY will star in a new AARON SORKIN drama about a sketch comedy television show. (Mark S. Malkin)
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