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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Catching Up

Brad and Angelina are back to NOT smiling in Germany. BUT now her arm is wrapped around his. We are slowly working our way to a public kiss - I CAN JUST TASTE IT!
Mira Sorvino helped open up a maternity store. I guess she should milk the pregnancy for all she can because we really haven't seen too much of her since Mimic - at least I haven't.
If I ever cut my hair this short I would kill small babies with one single glance. Natalie Portman is so pretty - even dressed up as a school boy. If a gay guy finds her attractive does that make him straight or gayer?
Who is Jordan and why is she so damn popular?! It's like everywhere I turn this bitch is naked! And who really believes she can write? Katie Holmes must be on a Scientology diet of bullshit and lies because she hasn't really gained much weight during her pregnancy. I gained almost 50 pounds and I had GD so I couldn't even eat that much.
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