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Friday, February 03, 2006

Britney Spears - Pregnant Again!

Well, if this doesn't scream "TRYING TO SAVE MY MARRIAGE" I don't know what does. I think you are told by doctor's to wait like 6 months before you get pregnant again. I would also think that Britney Spears would take a look at how Kevin Federline has been fathering little Sean and realize she made a mistake. Do we ever see Kevin walking around with Sean alone? NO! We see Kevin playing golf, at ATM machines, and wasting studio time recording his weak ass album. Britney! Stop being so white trash and pull yourself together!! PS thanks AKA texaslass.
One fellow shopper, Ginny Masse, tells America's In Touch magazine: "Britney put her hands on her belly, laughed and said: 'That's right, number two!'" Gossips in Malibu, where Spears and her family live, are convinced the Toxic singer's dreams of giving birth to a baby sister for her son Sean Preston are about to be realised. Masse adds: "I've heard from other people in the neighbourhood that she is pregnant." Meanwhile, one of Spears' closest friends tells In Touch: "Britney is definitely pregnant again. She's acting the same way she did when she was pregnant with her first child."
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