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Monday, February 06, 2006

Another Celebrity Bashing America

I HATE THIS! The only reason why they ARE who they ARE is because of people like us (I mean NOT like us) in America. If no one gave a shit about celebrities they would be flipping burgers in some fast food joint! Maybe she should do more work that benefits society instead of making everyone into sex-crazed shopaholics!
Actress Sarah Jessica Parker has slammed American culture's obsession with celebrity which diverts the public away from other important political and social issues. Parker believes that people worship screen stars because they want to share in their wealth and beauty, reports. She says this destroys the imagination of a generation.

She says: "I think this insatiable appetite for the shallow tidbits of celebrity culture is just a distraction from getting involved politically and questioning our leaders. All we talk about now are 'celebrities'." (Female First)

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