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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Weekend Gossip Part IV

Queen Latifah went shopping with her special friend. Have we ever seen her with a man? I don't know if she is trying to hide being a lesbian... I just think it is so obvious that no one even asks the question. UPDATE: Ok so I pissed off a reader who left no email or blog address for me to contact her with. She said I was anti-lesbian because of this comment about Queen Latifah which is such bullshit! It's my opinion that she likes women - I never said I had a problem with that. What I have a problem with is not being open with who you are. I live in NY - you have to be open minded when you are born into a city like this!
Famke Janssen (crazy name but beautiful actress) out and about with her little pooch. I can't wait to see X-Men 3. I know it SEEMS that she died at the end of the last one but HOW CAN THAT BE???
This is the gayest heterosexual marriage I have ever seen. These two just got reacquainted like YESTERDAY and now they are getting married!! I guess Nicollette Sheridan wants to be like Tori Spelling. They are both old news, desperate and ugly so it makes sense. OH and HOW MANY DIFFERENT ways can a girl pose to get a shot of the ring?
James Franco is SMOKING HOT. I don't need to say another thing. He will be the new (whoever you love right now) in two years.
The Hilton Sisters go shopping yet again! This is news as much as "Paris takes a deep breath" is news... but it's always good to get the heart pumping... you burn calories when you are angry... did you know that? THIS makes me angry.
Denise Richards (minus Charlie Sheen) took her little babies out to the park over the weekend. I think that is so great. I can't wait until it's summer in NYC so I can take my little one out. Right now we just stare at the park across the street from my house from my living room. It is FRIGID!
Who can make a funnier face? Let the contest begin. Rose McGowan and Brittany Murphy met up at a Garden Party and posed while holding hands. AWWWWW. I have to say, I am a BIG BIG BIG Charmed fan... and I don't care WHAT you think of me.
Mariah Carey before
Mariah Carey after 12 dozen donuts, 3 pies of pizza and 65 milk shakes
Brooke Burke posing with a crazy man dressed up in a King outfit on the beach... or a Burger King commercial shoot (whichever sounds more ridiculous to you).
Oh Sarah Jessica Parker... why do you do this to me? Why do you insist on going out in public looking like a homeless person. You have millions of dollars! I don't care if it's raining and you are just running out for some milk. Put some makeup on and pull yourself together girl!
Usher needs to stop it! I mean he reallllly needs to stop it. He is retarded! I used to like him until he got so freaking cocky that I can't even listen to his music anymore. What is he trying to prove with this picture? That he has crabs??? We all know you look fat and nasty now!
Last but not least - Miss Kelly Osborne - DADDY please pay attention to me! What Kelly doesn't understand is that Ozzy is on so much medication these days that she could cut her head off and it really wouldn't make a difference to him. Just live your life Kelly and stop trying to impress your parents. They have their own shit to deal with.
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