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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Weekend Gossip Part III

What celebrity who once played a creature herself came to the rescue of a cute little puppy?
I will give you a hint. Look at her ass crack? Does it remind you of anyone? .... ..... ........ ............
If you guessed Halle Berry then you know your asses! You should pat your own!!
Gwen Stefani must need a lot of fresh air since she got pregnant. There have been several shots of her out and about lately. She was shopping the other day wearing the same boots as Fugly... I mean Fergie. She also took a boat ride with her hubby Gavin. I guess no more wigs or hair extensions for her. I just need you to click on the above image to see it enlarged. It is hilarious! Mariah Carey has put on some weight lately. This is what she will look like in afew months if she keeps it up.
I'm hiding! It's a game! I'm so young minded and free!!
Now I am a grouchy bitch who still can't put together a decent outfit!
Now I am happy! Kirsten Dunst should win an Oscar for her shooping performance. She was better this day than she was in Spider Man! Maybe she was drunk again! She did admit some crazy thing last month about rehab.
Christina Aguilera out with her monkey shopping and catching a movie.
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