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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Weekend Gossip Part 1

Sarah Jessica Parker featured in EPS magazine. I love how the new thing to do with SJP is to try to use her hair to cover up her face. I will find some older shoots of her and show the same exact look. It's a shame because she seems like such a nice, sweet millionaire. Kelly Clarkson is equally as ugly and the photographers coach her to make ugly faces when they shoot her. It all works out in the end... it all works out. The couple that makes my brain freeze. Sandra Bullock and Jesse James strolling on the beaches of Los Cabos. I would love to know what their nights are like. Sandra: "Jesse, come here my movie Miss Congeniality is coming on and I want to watch it with you!" Jesse: "One minute babe! I'm tattooing the dog's face." Gisele Bundchen is Louis Vuittion. These are actually some great shots. In recent news, Halle Berry and Lindsay Lohan both just got fashion deals. Tori Spelling at the Volkswagen 2006 Annual Hollywood Party with her current fiance Dean McDermott. He is an ass-man. Alicia Keys at the premiere of Glory Days with her "boyfriend". I am going to stop myself from saying that I think Alicia Keys is a carpet muncher. But I WILL say that I am so happy she got rid of her braids. I saw her a few years ago in concert and LOVED every second of it. She is one of my favorite artists. Drew Barrymore and the Hulk... I mean Eric Bana. I can't look at him without thinking of that awful movie that took up way too much time of my life that I will never get back. They are playing poker in Vegas which is an OK game. I am a roulette chick myself!!! Lindsay Lohan leaving the hospital with her mother. She was hospitalized for an asthma attack (and a pregnancy scare I guess) in the same week that she admitted to doing drugs in Vanity Fair Magazine. If you missed the photo shoot it's here. Britney Spears with her family minus Jamie-Lynn and her bra and her mullet. Why does she insist on being such a fashion victim? She has recently been given several awards that are just as good as a Grammy, I guess. Again, where is your child? Last but not least we have Jessica Simpson looking wonderful as usual. She just came from Toast in LA. Did you see the post on what Nick Lachey will miss?
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