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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Wednesday Whammo's

Do you remember the wicked witch of the west Heidi Bressler from The Apprentice? Me neither until I saw this picture. She has a serious case of Fergi!! She is desperate to take the focus off of her face - so she shows off her abs.
Paris and Nicky Hilton doing the only thing they do to contribute to
Can someone tell me how Ashlee Simpson is so lucky in life. She is so below average! I wish I had a famous sister and a crazy daddy to get me into the business.
Did you ever wish you could wipe your ass with Victoria Beckham's face? Me too!!! Well, so did a bunch of other people. She won a contest that Ok Magazine had. You can actually buy this!!
Mariah Carey with her stupid butterfly ring and her skimpy outfits despite the freezing weather she is in. ARGH PS I heard on Z100 that Mariah likes to get 15 hours sleep a day and if she can't get relaxed, she hires someone to set the mood for her in the bedroom with a massage and candles. SIGH
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