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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Wednesday Sampler Part Deux

Blackwell's worst-dressed women of 2005 are:

1) Britney Spears

2) Mary-Kate Olsen

3) Jessica Simpson

4) Eva Longoria

5) Mariah Carey

6) Paris Hilton

7) Anna Nicole Smith

8) Shakira

9) Lindsay Lohan

10) Renee Zellweger

Hillary Swank! Who are you so giddy next to? You just announced your split from your husband Chad Lowe! SLOW DOWN
Lindsay Lohan walking around with the Vanity Fair Magazine that she is saying has lies about her in it. The magazine is sticking to its story. I believe the magazine. I think there was too much media coverage on her honesty and her team is telling Lindsay to retract her statements.
Lindsay: "The words that I gave to the writer for Vanity Fair were misused and misconstrued, and I'm appalled with the way it was done. Aside from (the writer's) lies and changing of my words, I am blessed to have this job and wonderful family that I do." Vanity Fair" "Evgenia Peretz is one of our most reliable reporters. Every word Lindsay Lohan told her is on tape."
Jessica Simpson WORKING it as the opening act for the People's Choice Awards. I missed the performance BUT I heard her singing on the radio and I thought it blew. She was trying too hard to be sexy. I also heard they couldn't find her boots for the act. Everyone was freaking out and last minute they appeared! The STRESS!!!
Madonna went shopping in London so she can work on her fake accent.
Gisele Bundchen shopping in Rio with legs from here to there!! I think she has a FANTASTIC body. But what about her face???
Beyonce and Jamie Foxx are currently filming Dreamgirls. They look pretty funny in their period costumes. I might be interested in seeing this movie... I am going to wait before I commit to it though.
Mariah Mariah! You are on fire! Profile shot of you ain't so bad...
I guess I will omit my comments on your ass because my two cheeks can use a bit of cream cheese myself.
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