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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Wedding Off For Cruise And Holmes

I guess Katie Holmes just logged onto the Internet last night and realized what a freak she was going to marry. Could it be true that Katie and Tom Cruise are going to be no longer? What will become of their alien child? Katie - if you could hear me - rent Rosmary's Baby and run... just run!
With a new year beginning, Cruise “decided to take the opportunity to mend fences with the family of his fiancée, Katie Holmes,” according to the upcoming issue of Life & Style Weekly. It didn’t go so well. “Tom and Katie ended up leaving — three days earlier than planned,” according to a “close friend” of Cruise. “Katie was in tears, but that’s standard when it comes to dealing with family matters and Tom.” A spokesman for Cruise denies the story, but there have been previous reports that Holmes’ lawyer father is not thrilled with the prospects of the two getting hitched. “My honest opinion is that the wedding’s not going to happen,” a “friend of the couple” told the mag. “Neither one of them seems as enthusiastic as they once did about marriage.” (MSNBC)
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