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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Vegas Baby! Yeah Baby! You're Money...Baby!

Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston spend some quality time in Vegas together. You know, I hope they are happy. Vince seems like a really funny guy and I have always been semi-obsessed with Jennifer Aniston (before she got with Brad Pitt). She just seems like a genuine person. Although reports of her being a bit cold in real life are surfacing... you can't always believe what you read....except if it is on my blog! Oh and did you see them at their hotel last week?
"Apparently [Aniston]'s not as warm as her onscreen persona," reported buds to Vince's father and stepmother, who very discreetly whispered this objection (albeit minor) back to yours truly. "They found her a little chilly." Oh, also, the Vaughnster's folks reportedly considered Brad's former half to be "very ambitious," so much so they most decidedly weren't cheering their son on to be Ms. A.'s Number Two. (E Online)
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