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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tuesday Topper

Mischa Barton took in the sites while in Paris for Fashion Week at the Christian Dior show. She looks the prettiest I have ever seen her in these shots.
Bai Ling is my new favorite person to watch. She is a train wreck (not one waiting to happen - just a train wreck). I cannot understand her choice of clothing. Is she the chick that was in The Crow? Here she is with Paris Hilton - and the shot below is a nip slip.
Kate Moss celebrated her 32nd birthday with some girlfriends. It was the worst birthday party she ever had. You see, there was no crack involved this year so the girls just went out to have a light dinner and then called it a night.
I knew I could be an actress. I JUST KNEW IT! This is exactly how I look in the morning before I have my coffee. Famke Janssen's got nothing on me. Here she is playing Pheonix for X3 which I cannot wait to see.
Nicolas Cage's wife and child - you can TOTALLY tell that this is Nick's kid.
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