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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday Sampler

The National Ledger has a great round up of the tabloid's big stories. Click here to read the summary.
I haven't really seen any nice shots of Jennifer Lopez lately. Here she is leaving a hotel looking really cute. Oh wait, that might be because Marc Anthony isn't around to tell her how to dress and put on her makeup...
Angelina Jolie IS St. John. This company has had the same model for YEARS. I saw this picture and thought of the movie Catwoman (yes I am referencing Catwoman) when Sharon Stone got replaced by a newer, younger model. Is the old model going to go nuts on us now?
Britney Spears is making progress! I feel like her sponsor or something. The more I write about her, the more I feel concern for her. I don't know... Anyway!! She has showered and is wearing a nice outfit. She even got a manicure. Yeah for Britney!! Did you see her in Vegas?
Mariah Carey is swimming with the dolphins on St. Bart's this week. I love a girl who goes to the beach in high heels!
Has Nicole Richie moved onto a Jackass? It seems that she has gotten over DJ AM and is spending some time with Steve O from MTV's hit show Jackass.
Wow! Avril Lavigne is beautiful! She recently did a spread for Bazaar Magazine. Did you see her the other day while on the street?
Sarah Jessica Parker stood by her man, Matthew Broderick, as he accepted his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Nathan Lane and Mel Brooks attended as well. Sarah looks 2000% better than the other day walking the streets of Manhattan.
Joaquin Phoenix wants to direct! He is has shot a music video for People In Planes.
“Really the movement and the rhythm of the song gave me my first ideas for images. I started doing some research on airports and found a couple of pictures from a Japanese architectural photographer and saw images of airports in blues and yellows. I really loved the idea of combining colors and giving it a really metallic look."
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