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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Tuesday Sampler Part Deux

Julianne Moore looking quite scary as she strolled her little peanut through the Village.
A little piece of my heart actually fell off as I posted these pictures. Mark Walhburg and his fiance, Rhea Durham hung out at the beach and enjoyed their baby-to-be.
Oh how the fans love Heath and Michelle in Austrailia. Fans brought gifts for little Matilda. I like this picture because Heath is watching Michelle to see her response to the present. It's as if he really likes to see her happy.
Cameron Diaz LOVES to shop. I have seen tons of shots of her spending that "hard" earned money. She still has that engagement ring on.
Pink recently got married and no official shots have made it to the Internet yet. Here is a really crappy shot of her wedding dress.
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