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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Thursday Temptations

Life & Style Magazine will have us believe that Angelina Jolie's future sister-in-law is telling regular store clerks the gender of the baby-to-be while she goes shopping for clothes. It is a 50/50 chance that this story is right. I guess that is better odds than usual right??

A friend of Brad's sis Julie spoke with her at a church meeting. The pair spoke about her recent purchases at 'Jellybeans,' a children’s clothing boutique in the southern Missouri town. Apparently sis was buying some baby clothes for a girl. And then sis let the news slip:

“I’m shopping for Brad’s baby girl,” an insider says Neal told the storeowners of Jellybeans, a children’s clothing boutique in Springfield, Mo., Brad’s hometown. Julie made it very clear that it was not Zahara she was shopping for but rather “for the little girl that Angelina’s going to have.” (National Ledger)

Ted Casablanca says Jennifer Lopez is not pregnant. She is just depressed and likes to shop for baby clothes... what?

When that report ran, certain gals who work within the huge corporation that makes J.Lo what she is (businesswoman, actress, leather and hairdo model, etc.) contacted me. They mentioned that their boss has a history of feeling down in the dumps on occasion. And how does she cheer herself up? By perusing couture for newborns.

"It's the word around Barneys," blabbed Inside J.Lo that (Lopez) is shopping for baby clothes there constantly. Whether there is a baby remains to be seen."(Awful Truth)

From Will and Grace to Daytime Talk. Guess who is getting her own talk show? I give it a season. Is she replacing Tony Danza?
"The Megan Mullally Show" will include comedic and musical elements, skits, field segments and a band, Mullally said. But one thing it won't have in common with many talk shows of its ilk is that she won't be seated behind a desk. Although the actual set is still being worked out, Mullally said she's aiming for something that's "fresh and different." (Reuters)
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