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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thursday Sampler

Underworld: Revolution is coming!! The world premiere happened and Kate Beckinsale looked stunning as usual. She is my girl crush of the moment. Originally I was all about Jessica Alba but Kate is sooooo beautiful.
Kelly Ripa and her hot husband hit the theatre this week. Their kids are pretty enough to hang out with Brad and Angelina's kids. If they all got married, life as we know it would cease to exist.
It's a good thing that Nicole Richie is hanging out with Steve O. Now she can get her snowflakes anytime she wants to. It looks like the benefits are already being felt.
Project Runway had me shitting in my pants last night because technically Santino and Nick should have went home. Their design was the least Banana Republic out of all of them. BUT the two that I said would go home next did! Thank GAWD! If you missed my original predicitions check them out here.
Ok so Dancing with the Stars might be a show that I give a chance to. Debbie Gibson... oops I mean Deborah (because she is a big girl now just like Kate Holmes) was doing a little promoting. I would love to see this bitch fall (you know like her singing career).
Peneolpe Cruz was honored by the French government. Take a look at the shot of her and her sister. I think the sister is cutier. Maybe that's why she was leaving a hotel in France with friend Salma Hyeck.
Here is a play by play of Cindy Crawford going in for the gold. She really isn't picking her nose. She might be scratching an itch but I thought it was funny. I have a warped sense of humor.
Poor Picture quality but I felt I had to put this out there anyway. Look at Angelina Jolie's baby bump. She is large and in charge! This means that she is probably going to deliver sometime in June... WHICH MEANS that they her and Brad Pitt were banging 2 or 3 months after his split with Jennifer Aniston was announced. YIKES!!!
Are you a Backstreet Boys Fan? I was many moons ago. They are currently in Japan working on getting their careers back on track.
Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling hanging out together. I just saw the Wedding Crashers and I really loved her in that movie. I didn't see the Notebook because I am not in the mood to cry my freaking eyes out. But one day when I am on the rag, I will rent it for a good sob.
Star Jones signing autographs for fans. Do you notice that the pictures are only of her? I bet there was like 5 people there! Did you see her on the beach with Big Gay Al?
Leonardo DiCaprio saving the world one scooter ride at a time.
These pictures look like Jessica Simpson is trying to hide a black eye. Could it be her mascara running? Would she be stupid enough to go out to eat at a restaurant when she is trying to hide a black eye? Oh wait -- we are talking about Jessica here...BUT WHO? WHO WOULD DO THIS? Or did she just walk into a wall. Damn Structures!
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