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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thursday Sampler Part Deux

Now Naomi Watts is pregnant and engaged to Liev Schreiber? What is going on in Hollywood? Is it in the water or something? I guess this is the year for babies and weddings...and deep depression if you are Jennifer Aniston.
Gisele Bundchen is still living it up in Rio. You know, if someone took a pic of me in my bathing suit from this distance... I bet I would look just as hot.

You see! It's like we are sisters!!!

Nicole Richie must have read about Jessica Simpson and her black eye. Look at how nice she is to cover up her own eye out of respect for Jes! AWWW
Skinny Mini Victoria Beckham just got word that bulimia is running rampant in Hollywood. So....she got on the next plane to California and is looking for her toilet hugging sisters AS WE SPEAK!!
Alicia Keys is looking fantastic lately. Her stomach is making me want to stick my finger down my throat to get rid of the bowl of ice cream I just consumed. I need to become friends with Nicole Richie for some motivation!
Britney Spears (wearing a BCBG dress I think) and Kevin (I'm a Failure) Federline went out on a date with one another and a carton of cigarettes. It seems that Miss Britney is back to smoking the cancer sticks.
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