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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Television Round Up

Thank GAWD Beauty and the Geek has been moved to Thursday nights. I used to get anxiety attacks on Wednesdays because I had conflict with another show.

So let's talk about what WAS on. Americal Idol part 2 was pretty funny. The best thing that Simon Cowell said was "I'm bored. You're annoying. And this is a waste of time!" (or something like that). My favorite contestant was the girl that was 16 and looked like Aaliyah. LOVED HER! Did you see the way that Simon was looking at her? It was as if he saw dollar signs in his eyes. She is the next American Idol for sure!

Ok! Let's talk Lost. Walt is missing and Michael isn't standing for it anymore. He ran and Jack plus crew run after him.

I LOVED when Mr. Clean said "Who are we to tell Michael what to do?" That is so true! I automatically bought into the "Jack the Boss" role as well. Who the fuck is Jack? Michael should be able to do whatever he wants - especially if it's about his missing son.

Now this part totally pissed me off! Jack cheated on his wife with this Italian slut! She was a beautiful slut so I could understand but Lost just tainted "Jack the Hero" for me. Now he is dirty! I attacked my husband after I saw that and made him promise to never cheat on me. I told him I would cheat with every single one of his friends if he did. :)

Project Runway was great as usual. It also got my blood pumping AS USUAL because Santinto remains while other people do not. My little Emmett is gone! I am so upset. He did get a chance to throw the term "men's clothing designer" in a few times so at least he went out being true to himself. How funny was it when he had his ice skater outfit on! I loved it. His design I did not love... but I loved Santino's less. WTF was his outfit about. Nick's outfit is above - which was my favorite.

Daniel's was my second favorite. I really liked them both. I didn't like anyone elses. To see all the dresses - click here.

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