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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Sunday Snack

Ok, so maybe this is a scary picture of Rose McGowan. But I am a Charmed fan and I love her character so I am going to post. She is as white as my husband's ass. I decided to see if I could find some shots of Rose's family. I came up with a few. Here we have Rose's cousin Frankie. He is so cute. Oh and this one is Aunt Trudy. She always tells the funniest stories.
Last but not least we have her two younger sisters. They're not twins. I know you were thinking that. Believe me, they get that all the time. They are just really close.
I love these shots of Jessica Alba and Cash together. They really look like a happy couple. Really cute stuff -- I call engagement.
Brooke Burke and boy toy David Charvel shopping for food. I have been saying that grocery shopping is the lastest thing to do in Hollywood. Will this be the end to the skinny era? Are we moving away from no carb and nightly barfs?
Who is this and what have you done to Tara Reid? I've seen this in a movie. In fact, I just watched this on Charmed a few minutes ago. People can take over your body and then hide you in a doll house. We have to find Tara! Let the search party begin!! On a side note, she is like 30!!! I thought she was 12.
Calista Flockhart (the original Nicole Richie) doing some designer shopping and hiding a small hotdog in her pants.
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