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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Sunday Sampler

Jessica Simpson, not looking her best, leaving a recording studio. I am not feeling the hair extensions. Why does she always look pissed off? Did she get Botox on her face too and so now she can't smile ?
Please tell me I am seeing things! Please tell me this is NOT Paris Hilton in a freaking fur going grocery shopping and pumping gas. Please tell me this bitch does not have on a designer dress and heels while she is shopping for food.
Rachel Bilson and boyfriend Adam Brody at the Korn Launch Party. I just don't see Rachel as a Korn fan. I would feel better about these pictures if they were of Rose McGowan or something. Speaking of Rose, I am starting to really like her. I watch Charmed on Sundays and she is pretty funny. You know you watch it too so shutup!
Kirsten Dunst still dressing like a slob not matter HOW MANY POSTS bloggers write about her fug-ness.
Mandy Moore supporting her boyfriend Zach Braff at the Scrubs 100th episode party. I used to watch this show and then it fell off... or I fell asleep ...or both.
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