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Monday, January 30, 2006

SAG Award Photos Part Deux

Sandra Oh NO! I think anyone who wore a black and white dress this year missed the mark (think Pamela Anderson and Gena Davis)
Teri Hatcher looked great. BUT she is no longer that simple girl who feels so lucky to get a second chance in Hollywood. The fame has totally gone to her head. You can see it in her poses.
Nick Lachey, minus Jessica Simpson naturally, still looks great. I wish he brought a date though. That would have totally stuck it to Jes.
Every little girl's dream - Jake Gyllenhaal
This one is for Laura - Patrick Dempsey You didn't think I would forget about you did you?
Charlize Theron - all these names are so hard to spell. What happened to the Smiths?
Anne Hathaway must have read all the posts on her Joker lips and toned it down for the show. She looks great.
Heath Ledger and wife
Gena Davis - black and white dress number two. This is the worst dress of the SAG Awards. I think she wore it to get press - otherwise they would have shot all the cute, young girls.
Hillary Swank is very Sarah Jessica Parker to me. Her face just doesn't match her power or body. It's like a butta face that sometimes works. Anyway - this might be my favorite dress of the night. I will have to see what other shots come out for sure. But I really love this dress.
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