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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Rumor Has It...

Paris Hilton Nip Slip -- I can never tell if these are real or not.
  1. Kentucky Fried Chicken beats Pam Andersen with a drum stick! Thank GAWD! Colonel Sanders stays put!
  2. In Tv news - Richard Hatch from Survivor is now on trial, UPN and WB join forces and NBC's Book of Daniel gets cancelled.
  3. Everyone is pretending that Tom Cruise isn't the one who axed Katie Holme's sex scene at Sundance. Oh Hollywood! Something was wrong with the reel. Yeah that's it! The reel.
  4. Wanna know who did what at Sundance? Click here
  5. Nicole Kidman is brushing off rumors of her engagement to Keith Urban. Did they get into a fight and now she is pretending that they never were? That's what Keith's ex is saying.
  6. Is Jennifer Lopez pregnant? Well she might be. There is baby clothes shopping involved. Russell Crow is trying his hardest to get booted out of this country. He is looking for another arrest - he has warned the paparazzi to stay away from his pregnant wife. Want more? IMDB has it all on one page.
  7. Pam Andersen hooking up with Kayne West? I am a little late with this one Frodo!! I finally found an article. Now all I need is a picture.
  8. Yesterday I posted a link that said Madonna and Guy Ritchie are having trouble in their marraige. Well, Madonna's spokesperson came out with a comment and things are just dandy.
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