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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Project Runway 2

Madam Vera has more predictions for Project Runway 2 - my liquid crack on the tele. I am still rooting for Nick to win. I like his personality and he is by far the best designer. BUT I wouldn't sleep on Emmett, Kara, and Daniel. They are really working it! It is probably going to come down to Nick and Kara though. Emmett will "be out" due to some super-flashy challenge and all you will hear that episode is "I am a men's clothing designer. My experience is with men's clothing. Men's clothing, men's clothing... did I mention men's clothing?" Daniel will mess up on a technicality.

Santino has his moments but I can't STAND IT when they get him on camera making faces when he loses a challenge or when he disagrees with what the judges are saying. GET OVA YOURSELF! I think Santino will stay around because he makes good television. I think Zulema will stay for the same reason - even though I can't stand ANYTHING about her. Her designs blow! The next to go is the one who should have never been on to begin with -- Marla. Following Marla will be the mouse - Diana. She is too young minded to play this game. Then the challenges will really begin!

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