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Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Post About Oprah

Ok, so as you know I am a SAHM. I Tivo Oprah and watch her every chance I get. Yesterday's episode had me bawling. I'm guessing the majority of my readers are females so I think this post will fly. A woman was getting robbed and the thief was trying to take her to another location. She wouldn't let him do that because she learned on the Oprah show "Never let the criminal take you to another location. That place will be isolated and you will be either raped or killed." So she fought and wasn't hurt. I never thought of that and I will now never forget it. I wanted to share it with you too. Better be safe than sorry. Here is the story. The second thing that really had me upset was about the trafficking and prostitution of children. It was an update. She had an earlier show that asked her viewers to write to their senators to urge focus on this topic. I didn't write but tens of thousands of people did. And a law got passed - the Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act—a bill that will provide support for victims as well as help prosecute sex trade customers and traffickers. President Bush just signed it. I was crying because it is such a horrible life these little children lead. I did nothing to help them but at least others did. Now I will watch Oprah to see how I can help - maybe you can check her website every now and then to see what her focus is. A letter will take me (or you) 5 minutes to write and stamp. But it will make a world of difference to whatever the cause will be. Here is the story. Today's show will have James Frey LIVE. Be sure to tune in to see how he handles himself and tries to protect "A Million Little Pieces".
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