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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Nicole Kidman Breaking Ground In Nashville

I don't care how in love Nicole Kidman is... who would willingly move to Nashville? No offense to all my Nashville readers but as a celebrity - wouldn't you want to stay close to a coast? So the buzz is that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are secretly building their love nest in Nashville. I guess half of the house will need to have high ceilings!
Let's move on to two equally hot properties who prolly will tie the knot any second, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban. I have ties in Nashville, kittens. Good ones, see. And they tell me Mr. and Missus Urban-to-Be--'cause that's what local sassy-tongued folks are callin' em--are settling down! Supposedly, Nic 'n' Keith are building a gargantuan home in Nashville's capital of la-di-da livin', Fessler's Lane. My gawd, does this mean Nic will start posing for Chanel ads in spurs and a cowgirl hat? Jeez (E Online)
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