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Friday, January 06, 2006

Nicholas Cage To Star In "World Trade Center"

I don't know how I feel about this. The production company better do some serious donating!! This movie is going to do so well because people who didn't go through it will want to feel somewhat closer to the tragedy. I still remember that day and if I talk about it out loud I start to cry. My father worked in the Trade Center. He was missing for over 12 hours. When he finally made it to my house he was covered in soot. My mother came home from work and threw up on the train because she was so nervous. I was hysterical the whole day watching every moment of it unfold on the television because I stood home sick that day. My husband drove in from Chicago to be with me and his family. He was supposed to work at the Trade Center but at the last minute took a consulting job in Chicago. He knew several people that died on a team he was supposed to be on. I worked downtown and for months I passed people praying at the gate or crying. I basically had a nervous breakdown, quit my job and became a teacher because I couldn't pass the hole where the World Trade Center used to be for another day. AND now someone is going to make millions of dollars off of it? Nicholas Cage disappoints me.
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