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Sunday, January 01, 2006

New Year's Eve Celebrities

Mariah Carey who was standing next to Ryan Seacrest in this outfit without a jacket. SHE IS SUCH A WHORE! You know her ass was freezing but she wanted to show off her breast and flabby body. Where is the old Mariah? The love ballet, beautiful and elegant Mariah? I miss her. I hate this new Mariah!!! Enrique Iglesis - who is sweating like a pig in this picture. He was singing so I could understand that. Even with sweat dripping off his chin - he is still smoking hot. Mischa Barton who also spent New Years in Miami. Hey did you see her in her cowboy pajamas? Nicole Richie hanging out with a DJ because she secretly wishes that is was AM. Do you want to see her nasty body in a bikini? Lindsay Lohan in a horrible shot. I chose this one instead of the better one because I don't particularly sweat her like everyone else in the world. I have a few more shots of her in a bikini too. SHOTS A and SHOTS B
Vin Diesel and P Diddy - running the city - ain't they pretty - rub my kitty - oh sorry Leonardo DiCaprio alone - as usual - no girlfriend by his side. Hey did you see Gisele Bundchen with her new boyfriend who isn't afraid to be in public with her? I am so sick of seeing him at award shows with his mother! Get over yourself! Why don't you try picking up a chick at one of your environmental friendly meetings? SCARY SCARY SCARY Carson "Serial Killa" Daily. Why is he looking at me so intensely? Can he see me? I'm frightened Auntie Em... FRIGHTENED! Nicky Hilton with long time boyfriend Kevin Connolley. They look cute together so I am not going to say anything evil... like how I used to like Entourage and now it blows. Vanessa Minnillo who I know nothing about. Nelly minus his girlfriend - the band aid.
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