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Monday, January 09, 2006

Monday Sampler

24 is so close I can SMELL IT! This is my favorite show on television (Lost is one point behind it). Here are Elisha, Keifer and Kim at the season premiere bash. I can't wait! I can't wait!!
Ashley Olsen almost had a boob slip at the "Stars in the Sky" Benefit.
Kate Moss took her daughter to Disneyland in California. I can't wait to go there again!! Well, I go to Disneyworld cause I'm on the East Coast (and it's better).
Heath Ledger, Michelle Williams and Matilda looking all cozy and family-like. That baby is so tiny! My daughter came out ready to play football!!!
Brad Pitt wanted to make sure everything was kosher on his plane before he took off. At least he shaved! Maybe Angelina Jolie is finally get on him about his recent look.
Lindsay Lohan (normally a fashion-do) is looking HARRIBBLLE after her recent stay at the hospital.
Perez Hilton got hold of some photos of Jessica Simpson going out with an unknown man. Could this be her new boyfriend? Nick! Hurry up and do something quick!!
Courtney Cox (minus any help) out with her beautiful daughter Coco. I can't imagine my daughter being that big!!
Reese Witherspoon has won The Boston Society of Film Critics "Best Actress" Award. Do you smell Oscar?
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