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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Mischa Barton And Cisco Adler Throw Down

It seems that these two love birds don't give a shit who hears them argue. I seem to recall hearing a few stories like this with Mischa in the middle. She is a ball of fire isn't she?? Cisco Alder doesn't want Mischa Barton to play with anyone but him... tastes like an insecurity to me.

Young Hollywood's most-photographed new lovebirds got into a screaming spat at Miami's Victor Hotel after Adler's rock band, Whitestarr, performed there on New Year's Eve. Our source says Adler flipped out when his swan-like sweetie wanted to invite several South Beach party promoters out with them after the show. "Cisco was very angry that Mischa wanted to hang out with some of her other friends, and not exclusively with him," an earwitness e-mailed us. "There was a lot of slamming doors and stomping around and dropping of F-bombs at their $5,000-a-night pool bungalow at the hotel." (Page Six)

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