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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Marc Anthony Cracks The Latin Whip

No kisses for you JLo! Yo' man has spoken!! Marc Anthony is using his marital powers and is getting in the way of Jennifer Lopez and her work. She filmed a commercial for her new perfume Live, and Marc edited it because he didn't like the outcome. Uh, HELLO MARC - you married an "actress" (and I use that word LIGHTLY). She is playing the part in the commercial! She doesn't really love that guy! What's next for Jennifer Lopez - a soft thriller movie with no sex scenes? That sounds like exactly the type of movie young America wants to see...

Marc Anthony edited his wife Jennifer Lopez’s television commercial for her new fragrance, Live, according to In Touch Weekly, which claims that he had a kissing scene deleted. The original version of the ad showed J. Lo dancing with a hunky guy and embracing him in a passionate kiss. But before the ad aired, Anthony had the lip-locking moment deep-sixed.

“Marc’s the jealous type,” an insider told the mag. “Even though he wasn’t the director of the project, he suggested to Jennifer that the kiss was a distraction, and she agreed.” (MSNBC)

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