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Thursday, January 05, 2006

Jessica Simpson Is The People's Choice... Choice

Wait what? Jessica Simpson is the opening act for the 32nd Annual People Choice Awards.
"We are so delighted to have Jessica opening for what's sure to be a very exciting People's Choice Awards. Jessica's true vocal talent, unlimited energy and undeniable charisma will truly be a great addition to this year's show," says Carol Donovan, executive producer of The People's Choice Awards. The People's Choice Awards will feature new and revamped categories that reflect today's entertainment choices. "Favorite On-Screen Match-Up," "Favorite Female Action Star," and "Favorite Family Movie" will join established categories like "Favorite New TV Drama," "Favorite Female Singer," and "Favorite Male Movie Star." (Access Hollywood)
Madam Vera predicts that Jessica Simpson will win "Favorite Female Singer"! The public LOVES a celebrity in a crisis. Madam Vera also predicts that Jennifer Garner will win "Favorite Female Action Star" and I will win "Favorite New Blog"... well I heard that might be a category.
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