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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I Have To Pack For Kansas

Today might be a bit light. NY is having this insane thunderstorm and my house is ready to fly off over the rainbow. I might spend most of the day under my bed with my 7 month old. But blog duty calls - so here are the highlights of today's gossip. Hillary Swank announced her divorce to Chad Lowe a few weeks ago. She goes to the Golden Globes and doesn't smile once while she is wearing a black, plain, gown. We get it. You are sad. But now, stories are coming out that she is praying her marriage can be saved. Speaking of Hillary - she has signed on to be a presenter for the Oscars.
"We're still trying to save it," Swank told syndicated TV entertainment show "Access Hollywood" at the Golden Globe Awards, which were presented Monday in Beverly Hills, California. "It's not over, we're not divorced. We've been together for over 13 years, and there's a lot of love there." (Yahoo News)
DJ AM still care enough about Nicole Richie to try to stop her from partying herself out.
Adam made a desperate attempt to persuade his rail-thin ex to stop her partying ways. "He just can't sit back and watch her waste away," says a source. "It's killing him to watch Nicole self destruct." (Star Magazine)
And while we are on Nicole Richie - she was spotted leaving Mr. Chow... ANOTHER FOOD PLACE. Does she think that as long as she is around food, we will believe she is eating it? And here she is leaving Jamba Juice. These photos came out today! So this is a real marketing push by a creative image consultant. BUT I SEE RIGHT THROUGH YOU NICOLE... well, that's not so hard. Jennifer Aniston is feeling a little insecure lately now that Brad Pitt is shacking up with the most beautiful woman in Hollywood (Angelina Jolie if you are from Mars). She told UK Sun that she is hoping to get rid of her "girl next door" image.
Jen dishes, When asked if she wanted to blow her girl-next-door image,: "God, I hope so! (laughs)
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