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Friday, January 13, 2006

Friday Sampler

What hot celebrity wants to shove in all of our faces that she has a beautiful life??? . .. ... .... ..... ......
Me! Lindsay Lohan got "La Bella Vita" engraved on her butt for all to see.
I think Lindsay Lohan's mom and Kevin Federline should have a secret affair with one another. Then they can be titled Mr. and Mrs. LUCKIEST PEOPLE IN AMERICA. They are so paid for doing absolutely NOTHING.... I have high hopes for my little one... HIGH HOPES!
Christina Aguilerra and her husband, Jordan Aguilerra, went out for a nice dinner earlier this week. I really like the way Christina has been looking lately. I would love to know who her stylist is. I would TOTALLY wear this outfit.
This outfit isn't really working for me. Paris Hilton pumps her own gas? I don't understand.
Give this bitch an OSCAR RIGHT NOW! Look at her! I believe that Nicole Richie is going to take that food home and eat it. I see her with it in her hand and it is making me think that she might put it to her lips... NAH!
I have been keeping my eye on Courtney Love. The courts took her house and she is still keeping up with the old lifestyle. If you search last weeks archives you will see her shoe shopping. Now she is munching at The Ivy. If you go to The Ivy it's because you want to be photographed. Maybe this is her way of saying that she is still in control of her finances.
I don't know who is into Carmen Electra, but here is a real nice shot of her.
Vivica Fox must be going crazy somewhere with this photo! 50 Cent why are your taking off your clothes off? That face is so UNSEXY that it doesn't even make the shot interesting.
Look at how HARRIBLE this is!!! These photographers are following Paris Hilton's EVERY MOVE. I would not be able to handle this. I actually feel bad for the girl. Imagine your whole life filmed like this...every step.... even the boring ones... and you have to keep your cool.
What on earth did Kate Moss see in Pete Doherty? Oh yeah!! It was the drugs. Anyway here is getting arrested.
Look at how great Gwen Stefani looks with her hubby Gavin! I can't wait for her to have this kid. She/He is going to be so PUNK that I am not going to be able to stand it.
I love it when celebrities that don't know one another become instant friends when they meet. Do I walk around befriending fellow bloggers when I see them shoe shopping? Oh wait, I don't know what anyone looks like...whatever you get my point. While Victoria Beckham is in the states, she ran into a very pregnant Katie Holmes.
While Britney took care of Sean on the 11th, Kevin Federline took care of his other child. Why wouldn't they just go somewhere together?
Britney Spears is funny to me. All other celebrities have a shit fit when people take pictures of their children. But Britney flaunts him. I think she is using him for publicity. If...I mean WHEN I become a celebrity, my kids are never leaving the house. You don't know what crazy people are out there.
Janet Jackson is as nasty as she wants to be...literally. But I have true faith in this girl. In a year she will be showing off those rock-hard abs.
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