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Friday, January 20, 2006

Friday Munchies

First Jessica Simpson gets her lips done and she always looks like she is pouting and depresesed. Now it looks like she got her eyes lifted and looks crazy? Great job Jess! This is what fame and money can do to you people. Be happy with your normal lives.
I could be wrong. Jessica could just be on crack. Maybe she is starting to hang out with Nicole Richie's boy - Steve O. Boy! Nicole is a really bad infulence. Now I can see why Paris Hilton was so attracted to her.
Did you ever look at Mandy Moore's bland style and say to yourself "that is exactly what I want to look like?" Well have I got the clothing line for you! Mandy Moore has come out with her own clothing line and I just couldn't be happier.
Put down whatever you are reading and get onto Amazon to start pre-ordering Dita Von Teese's book Burlesque and the Art of the Tesse. If there was ever someone who was in love with themselves as much as Paris Hilton is -- she is the one!
In the 27 years that Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake have been dating, I don't think I ever saw a picture of them kissing. This was a bit shocking and gross for me to see. What is up with the open mouth attack by Cameron?
Ever wonder what Angelina Jolie's mom looks like? Here she is with Jon Voight many moons ago. Angelina definitly looks like her. Her name is Marcheline Bertrand.
Kimerly Stewart leaving some club this weekend. Who is she engaged to this week? I can't keep up.
Beyonce doesn't even look like herself in the new L'Oreal ad. What a harrible picture. Janet Jackson is an inspiration! She is like an inflatable doll! How the hell does she get from severely overweight to smoking hot? Oh yeah - diet and exercise. UPDATE: I just found this pic of Janet heavy and the date says 1/13 -- so now I don't know what is real. HMMMNNN
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