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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Does Jessica Want Nick Back?

I hope so! I doubt it though. This just makes for good gossip but it's from a source (which could be my Aunt Patunia). So it seems that Jessica Simpson has been making efforts to stay in touch with Nick. If that is true, then who is this guy she had dinner with?
The insider claims that during the call Jessica talked in a baby voice, saying things like "Whatcha doing? Where are you?" and "I miss you, sweetie." Adds a source close to Jessica, 25: "I hear she's called Nick several times, and each time she's been very emotional. Maybe after she's had a few glasses of wine, she gets the desire to phone and pour her heart out. I don't think she's over him yet. She's very confused and just can't let go." (Star Magazine)
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