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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Brad Pitt And Angelina Visit Schools

Boy! A girl get pregnant and now she is ALL OVER THE NEWS. At least they are not pretending like they don't know one another anymore. I think this is one of the reasons why Brad Pitt likes Angelina Jolie (or should I say LOVES). He really is into helping underpriveledged people and Angelina is the queen of that (or should I say the Ambassador).
In her role as a U.N. goodwill ambassador Jolie visited a school supported by Yele Haiti, a charity founded by Haitian-born 'Fugees' musician Wyclef Jean where they watched children dance and recite poetry. The pair traveled in a convoy through the capital of Port-au-Prince, protected by police and U.N. peacekeepers as crowds cheered them along the way. "You hear so much just about the danger and the fear and then you come here and you meet just an amazing people," said Jolie Wyclef Jean thanked the actors for their visit. "To have these people grace our country is a beautiful thing," he said.
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