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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Why Applegate called it quits

Star magazine is reporting the real reasons why Christina Applegate ended her marriage to Johnathon Schaech. Their divorce was announced on December 5th. Personally I think its the trendy thing to do right now in Hollywood. Last year it was babies. For those couples who didn't want to have babies - this year its divorce. It seems that the trend is slowly moving on to shotgun weddings...Anywho, here are the quotes:
  1. "Two years ago they started having problems, and they tried to work things out," says a source close to Christina, "but I think the real reason is that she wants a career and he wants a family."
  2. "Christina has been in NYC most of this year, starring in Sweet Charity on Broadway, and it sounded like she didn't want him with her," says a friend of the couple. "How do you think that made him feel? He really wanted the whole ball of wax — life with Christina, kids, a dog in the yard. But she went where her career took her."
  3. As for the marriage, "I think Christina realized early on that it wasn't what she really wanted. She's too independent," says the friend. "Johnathon has probably been preparing mentally for this [split] for a while," says another source. "He certainly couldn't keep Christina in a marriage she didn't want, and he's not going to run her through the wringer."
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