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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Tom Cruise Rubs Everyone The Wrong Way

If you read my blog you KNOW that I hate this man. Tom Cruise is a thorn in my side. So when I found out that he has been voted the 'Most Irritating Man in Hollywood' - I almost peed my pants out of sheer excitement. 100,000 people were polled about the last 16 years of their movie-watching lives.
The Hollywood heavyweight has been named the actor film fans find the most annoying in a new poll by British movie magazine Empire. The star, whose fiance Katie Holmes is pregnant, beat Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts, 'Happy Gilmore' star Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey to land the unwanted accolade.
Empire Film Poll Results: Most Irritating actor of last 16 years 1. Tom Cruise 2. Jennifer Lopez 3. Julia Roberts 4. Adam Sandler 5. Jim Carrey
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