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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Shakira is a Metal Head

Shakira was interview for USA Weekend. The article was long and drawn out and quite frankly if my daughter could read I would use it to help put her to sleep at night. She spoke about how she "is a perfectionist in recovery" and how she is "trying to enjoy what she is doing". She also mentions that she "doesn't consider what I do to be sexual in a graphic way" -- YEAH OK SHAKIRA -- Anywho -- this is the part of the article that got me to sit up a bit. I would have NEVER guessed it but she is a bit of a metal head. Here's the USA Weekend Quote:
"I grew up listening to Nirvana, Metallica and later on discovered Led Zeppelin, which, along with the Cure is my favorite. I;m still looking for that one song that will completely seduce me. You know those bands - Zeppelin, the Cure - have conquered their dreams and written those magnificent songs all artists dream about. But I haven't yet. I'm still on that search."
My take on Shakira: I used to like Shakira until she started to dis on Britney Spears and her choice of boyfriends (now husband). Don't get me wrong, I am in no way supporting BS in her male decision making. However love is love regardless of the status of the person you choose. So anyway since Shakira made that statement I give her zeros props for being a lady.
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