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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Scarlett Johansson doesn't understand the publicity

Recently Interview by Britain's Sunday Times Culture magazine, Scarlett just doesn't understand why so many people want to take her picture. I mean what about her pictures made them so desirable? I can't imagine what it could be that would do well in the open market for Paparazzi
"It's become insane. I went to Los Angeles a couple of months ago, and there were four SUVs parked outside my house every day. They would just follow me everywhere I went - if I went to buy paper towels, or I went to a meeting, or anything." "I've called the police several times and said, 'Listen, there are people following me in very big cars. They're surrounding me in these huge vehicles - vehicles nobody should be driving - and I feel unsafe. But the police can do nothing. It's not even the fact of being photographed: that's just an annoyance It's actually scary. They're endangering people. Not just me, but everybody else driving around me It's horrible" (source)

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